From Ignorance to Action was a project of Jewish Voice for Peace - Pittsburgh, to spread solidarity and respect for the Muslim and refugee experience through canvassing, education, and community-building. This pitch video was produced as part of our application to the 100 Days of US campaign, which funded twenty-six proposed social action projects selected from over 150 submissions through a public voting process. 
Using our $5,000 grant, myself and a small group of JVP members worked in partnership with the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh, local schools, and libraries to hold a series of facilitated conversations and bystander intervention trainings designed to dispel intolerant myths about Islam and immigrants through mutually empathic interaction. We also distributed posters to participants and to local businesses to reinforce messages of solidarity.   

my role
Co-developed campaign concept, filmed and edited pitch video within a few days, implemented and promoted the program with local partners
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